As we all know, there is more to creating a garden than just putting plants into soil.

Whether you want traditional or modern, formal or relaxed, Great Escape landscape service will supply and locate the plants, materials, turf and features to bring your garden to life. Let our team’s combined experience and extensive knowledge of plants and garden products create a garden that will be the envy of your neighbours.


Most people today are too busy to spend hours watering their gardens and lawns.

Want us to do it for you? We can supply and install manual or fully automatic irrigation systems to meet your needs. So just sit back and watch your garden grow.

Features – Landscaping Services

Nothing adds tranquillity to an area more than the sight and sound of water.

From the simplicity of a pond to the elegance of a formal fountain, we can suggest and supply the water feature that will be perfect for your taste.


This can include paved areas, driveways, retaining walls, sleeper walls, stairs, walkways, and any other landscaping made up of hard wearing materials such as wood, stone, concrete etc

Food Gardens

Creating a food garden is a simple and effective way to reduce your impact on the environment. It will also give you the experience of pleasure that comes from growing your own food – there’s nothing like raiding your veggie patch for the night’s dinner. You’ll also enjoy the taste of pesticide-free and truly fresh food.

Growing your own food is good for you and great for the planet – and it can save you cash!

Rooftop Gardens

As space in our cities reaches a premium, gardeners are literally climbing the walls in a bid to discover new spaces to grow plants.

Vertical spaces indoors and out, along with the roof space, rooftop gardens provide a green oasis in the city and have become the focus for a new style of garden

Outdoor Lighting

The obvious advantage to landscape lighting is the enhancement to your home’s appearance. The lights make your home and landscaping visible even after dark. When positioned properly, landscape lights make architectural features of the home pop out. Lights pointed at your favorite plants make the most of your landscaping at all times of night and day. Outdoor lights add a sense of drama to your landscaping. The illumination makes your house stand out by boosting the curb appeal at night.

Playground Equipment

We have become very involved in the design and construction of pre-school and nursery school play areas, meeting all landscaping requirements but also offering custom made play equipment and unique features within each design to add interest and enjoyment for children and staff together.